Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers for the most important questions about our services . If you can't find your question or if you have a technical issue,please contact us.

Mainly we are structural engineers, but we can offer other disciplines services through our partners.

-Complete structural design for any type of structures.
-High quality structural shop drawings.
-Design review and saving reports.

Yes, we have a group of software developers and a group of structural engineers working together to offer both structural services and software solutions.

We are not just software programmers, we are also offering structural engineering services, so our programs are made exactly as you want them to be, because we are also using these programs in our structural team services.

We are ready for any engineering software you want. Just request a custom solution and we will contact you for details and price

Yes you can customize our ready programs to suit your output style or to add any other tasks you desire and the price will be the original program price plus these modifications estimation.

-AutoCAD automation.
-Revit automation.
-Standalone engineering applications.
-Mobile engineering applications.
-Professional spread sheets with programing and dynamic contents.

It depends on your requested solution and the amount of details it has, some solutions take days and some take months. But off course the agreement will have both the price and the submittal date of the final solution.

It depends mainly on the working hours required to finish your solution, the more details and tasks your solution contains the more required working hours and price.

Every solution is always evaluated through our tests and usage or through your feedback and immediately updated.
Do not hesitate to ask for support or tell us about any problem you have with our solutions and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Partner program is an agreement between us and you to distribute our solutions in your country with a good profit percentage and discounted prices.

Anyone can be our partner whether an individual or a company. But engineers (especially structural) are preferable and periodical evaluation is made to determine your selling percentage.